Picture rail hooks

Traditional picture rail moulding with STAS cords and hooks

Traditional picture rail

If you have the traditional picture rail molding installed in your home, you can equip them with STAS molding hooks in silver, brass or white. Or coloured picture rail hooks.

coloured picture rail hooks

Aluminium picture rail hanging systems

Picture rail hooks are the final component to complete your picture hanging system. Once you have decided on the type of picture rail and the type of cord you wish to hang from it (steel or nylon), choose your picture rail hook.

STAS picture rail hooks

Your choice depends on two things:
• The weight of your artwork or object
• The type of cord you have chosen

For hanging light weights (up to 4 kg) from nylon cord:
STAS smartspring hook

For hanging medium weights (up to 10 kg) from nylon cord:
STAS zipper hook

For hanging heavy weights (up to 15 kg) from steel cable:
STAS zipper hook


Our picture rail hooks are self-locking devices. You can slide them easily up and down the cord. When you’ve found the correct height, simply let go of the hook and it latches on to the cord. Not satisfied? Simply slide it again. And again and again.

Picture frame hooks

Our picture rail hooks are picture frame hooks, which means that they are not suitable for hanging loose photos or papers. They are, however, suitable to hanging other objects than frames, given that the object itself is equipped with a wire, a loop or some other type of hanging device. Think for instance of mirrors, bulletin boards or clocks.