Picture rail

Picture rail in a minimalist bedroom

Picture rail has been around for centuries. That’s no surprise, it is a symbol of both elegance and practicality. Aside from the traditional wooden picture rail, modern homes can be equipped with a minimalist aluminium version.

We offer several types of picture rail. So, take a browse and pick the rail that’s right for you!

Traditional picture rail moulding with STAS cords and hooks

Traditional picture rail

If you have the traditional picture rail molding installed in your home, you can equip them with STAS molding hooks in silver, brass or white.

Complete your hanging system with the STAS cords and picture hooks, an ideal way to hang pictures flexibly and elegantly. Hang the cord from the molding hook by its loop. Slide a picture hook over the cord and hang your picture.

Don’t like what you see? Simply adjust the height of the picture hook and try again.

STAS cliprail is a modern picture rail

Aluminium picture rail

Aluminium picture rail is the modern version of the traditional picture rail molding. But because of its neutral look, aluminium picture rail can be used in every kind of interior style: from minimalist modern to classic and traditional. All rails are paintable if necessary, so they will blend in with your interior.

We offer multiple types of aluminium picture rail. Are you opting for…

…the smallest picture rail in the world
…picture rail with integrated lighting
…picture rail that can be installed without a gap between ceiling and rail
…something else?

Like the traditional picture rail molding, aluminium picture rails are completed with cords and hooks for flexible hanging of art. Easily adjust and rearrange!

coloured picture rail hooks

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