Hang pictures in your professional environment

People are central to any space. Convenience, inspiration and atmosphere all add to productivity and client satisfaction. But trends, visions and styles in your business are constantly changing. So how to bring these themes to life? Flexible wall design is the answer.


An inspiring and practical workspace is key to productivity and success. STAS offers you freedom to use your office space in the most functional way. Use picture hanging systems for art, company promotion, escape routes, whiteboards, clocks etc.

“Excellent system – looks great and works well!”


STAS offers special products to cater specifically to the needs of schools and universities.

“Installation is simple, nice clean look. I am going to buy more.” – YEP


STAS will help you create a “home away from home”. Our systems are ideal for use in nursing homes and other venues in which rooms often change character.

“Adds a sophisticated touch to hanging art.” - BXN

STAS believes flexibility and durability are two sides of the same coin

STAS picture hanging systems can be used to hang pictures, art, clocks, bulletin boards, mirrors, coat hangers and much more… And that’s not all: the objects and their locations can be changed, rearranged or replaced whenever and as often as needed! No tools, no mess, no damaged walls! This makes STAS both a flexible and durable investment.

Professional spaces require wall design solutions that…
…accommodate unlimited rearranging, restructuring, and redecorating.
…limit maintenance costs and efforts to zero.
…have a neutral, elegant and customizable look.

STAS products carry all these characteristics.