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Picture Hanging Systems Pty Ltd.
Postal: PO Box 129, Eumundi, QLD 4562
Phone: 1300 85 97 98
E-mail: info@picturerail.com.au
ABN: 77 116 993 714

About Picture Hanging Systems Australia

At Picture Hanging Systems, we design, manufacture, supply and install many different kinds of hanging systems for artwork, picture frames, mirrors and other wall decorations

In 2005, Luke Norman started a business in Brisbane with a wide range of picture hanging products, with installation service. Working from a workshop at home, Luke was dealing primarily in the local art installation business and focused on helping art galleries and lovers alike to display their own works in a simple but effective way, and always considering a careful balance with the surrounding environment. His business has blossomed into an Australia wide distribution network, taking the installation services with it and now providing services across 4 states.

The head office is in Brisbane, Queensland and holds a workshop as well as a warehouse and office. This is where we manufacture most of the products and store a large stock. Since our business has grown, we spend much time on innovating, manufacturing our own products and looking for alternatives that are on the market internationally to put together a comprehensive range for our customers.

We are proud to be a preferred distributor for the awesome international brands STAS picture hanging systems in Holland and Springlock from the UK, alongside our own products. We have a long reaching history working with these brands, even extending back past the start of this Australian branch.

Next to having some very valuable connections interstate with fellow professional installers we also have a team of installation specialists in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. At the moment there are no showrooms in these areas, but our mobile installers are gladly prepared to help customers who need assistance.

Always being involved in this ever growing industry, is the thing that we love as a team and being able to share our passion together and subsequently share our collective knowledge with our customers in such a useful way is a privilege.

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Picture Hanging System installation

About Hangzen

Expert artwork & picture hanging system installation

At Hangzen, your wall decorations are in trusted hands. Our prompt and professional installers are ready to bring your memories to life.

Originally designed to be used in galleries world wide, picture hanging systems are becoming more popular in homes and commercial locations as well. Picture rail is a great way to hang artwork that is frequently replaced. Introducing new artwork or family portraits to a wall display never was easier before! The system is especially handy in art cafés, shops or galeries where pieces of art are being sold and restocked with new work.

You may have an empty wall that you would like to dedicate to a - growing - family display, a living that you'd like to refresh and move around more frequently or you simply love the idea of having a modern picture rail systems installed in your house.


You are at the right address with us, we have a range of solutions for many different applications, utilising trusted suppliers from our network. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your wishes and request a free on-site measuring appointment and quote.

In all of our different installation services, if necessary we offer a free, no obligation measuring and quote at your location. We can discuss and advise your best options for the application and show you samples so we know exactly the right picture hanging system and quantity to make a quote for. We can install in your entire house or business or as part of a normal installation.

This is our passion, the reason why we do what we do. The ability to take artwork and create ‘the feeling’ through placement is something that we truly love to do. The practical ability of our installers is very important from a safety/preservation point of view but without aesthetics being a highly regarded trait within our team the service we provide would simply become irrelevant.

‘The feeling’ I refer to is a rewarding moment for us that resonates with you. Our moment is when the installation is finished and your living environment is complete… it feels like home. You can enjoy this moment for years to come.

Mirror installation is a specialty of ours as well, and though usually slightly more of a dressing to your environment still requires accurate placement of not only the mirror itself but the spacing around it. Often readjusting the furniture to assist this visual effect comes as part of our included placement advice service.

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