STAS for architects

architects / construction

STAS picture hanging systems has developed architectural drawings and specification texts to optimally serve the architect.

We can work with blueprints, floor plans, take offs, etc to give you the best consultation and quote. We will also provide free samples to qualified commercial customers, such as architects and construction companies.

If you would like more information about one of the STAS products, you can always contact the employees of our sales department: or by calling 1300 85 97 98.

You can download all our architectural drawings below, complete with the various mounting options.





Architectural drawings (pdf)

STAS cliprail

STAS cliprail max

STAS cliprail pro

STAS j-rail

STAS j-rail max

STAS minirail

STAS multirail

STAS multirail max

STAS multirail crown

STAS multirail crown

STAS multirail crown

STAS multirail flat 1

STAS multirail flat 2

STAS plaster rail

STAS u-rail

STAS windsor wooden rail

STAS riva wooden rail

STAS u-rail multi

STAS paper rail

STAS papergrip