Art hanging systems

Art hanging systems are a stylish solution

Art is anything that you consider art. So, whether you want to display your carefully curated collection or the artwork created by your kids, either way it deserves the best possible treatment.

And STAS offers systems to accommodate the variety of art you would like to hang. From small kids’ paintings to large, heavy frames.

Art hanging systems are specifically designed to safely and flexibly hang all kinds of art, pictures and photos.

Art hanging system in a gallery

What are the advantages of an art hanging system?


  • Artwork hangs safely.
  • No matter how much or how little your collection expands, just keep on rearranging and adding without using any tools or drilling any more holes.
  • Hanging systems create an elegant look.
  • The only damage to your walls is done by the screws in the picture rail. No matter how often you rearrange, your walls remain intact.

How does an art hanging system work?

An art hanging system consists of a picture rail and matching cords and hooks.
Watch the video below:

You can buy art hanging systems easily online. Start here!