Picture hanging systems

Picture hanging system in a living room

Picture hanging systems: you never knew you needed them until you own them.

Here's why:

The freedom of rearranging and adjusting

First and foremost, a picture hanging system enables you to rearrange and adjust your pictures and wall decorations endlessly. Maybe you’d like to change the look and feel of your decor often, maybe your kids would like to hang different posters in their bedrooms every week.

But even if you’re not a regular rearranger, how about adjusting the layout of your gallery wall as you go along?
How about not having to “get it right” in one go, whatever it is that you’re hanging on your walls?

The basic principle of a picture hanging system

No drilling, no tools

Yes, you will have to get your drill out to put up the picture rail on your wall (or ceiling). But once it’s up, a lifetime of picture hanging and wall decorating lies ahead of you. Without any tools. Without any more drilling.

Simply hook a cord anywhere into your rail and slide a picture hook over the cord to the desired picture hanging height. Then hang your picture.

Sleek and elegant

Picture hanging systems have neutral designs to blend in with any interior style. The standard colours are white and aluminium but you could paint the rail if you wanted to.

So... ready to get started?