STAS for museums and galleries

Discover how STAS provides extra flexibility in museums and galleries, simplifies hanging up and replacing (extra heavy) artworks, improves communication, protects valuables against theft, keeps walls intact and thus saves on repairs.

Inspiration for galleries and museums

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With STAS, art hangs safely and securely in the most prestigious museums and galleries worldwide.

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Professional appearance

STAS products are designed in such a way that moving and replacing works of art is effortless, ideal for changing exhibitions. STAS products are easy to use without tools and walls remain intact, no matter how often exhibitions change.

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More Information?

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Safe hanging & theft delaying

For safe and secure hanging of weighty art, with theft delaying mechanism

STAS knows what she's talking about

STAS has been the expert in the field of flexible hanging of art since 1995 and has equipped many museums with hanging systems. Our specialist advice is without obligation and takes place on location. Our professionals assemble the products and know how to handle every wall and ceiling type.